Thursday, May 26, 2011

Top 5 Sexiest TV Bad Boys (Her World's Magazine Pick)

Check this out :

I know... I know.. you want to say Johnny Depp as much as I do.. but he's not in the list though..

If I were to choose from the list.. it must be Josh Holloway (Sawyer in 'Lost') and 2nd place is Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. Why Sawyer? Do I need to explain? Arggh.. buang karan aje.. But it's obviously not becoz of the XXX scene of him with Kate in the cage yo.. the scene is censored in Malaysia. And Chuck in Gossip Girl I agree with the comment in HW, he doesn't need to speak and look evil just like Edward in Twilight.. he just need to 'whisper in a low growl' and make your knee week.. haha..

Thought: A bad blog post on Friday.. Happy Jumaat y'all.

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