Thursday, May 19, 2011

How much calories are burnt when you do your shopping?

Interesting huh? I can burn more calories when spending more time with my shopping.. the bad thing is meaning is also bad for your pocket.

Normally if I go for intentional shopping, it will be half a day.. until 'tak larat nak jalan or duti habis'..or maybe not half day lah.. let say average 3 hours lah... so from the counter i'll burn 330 calories.. that only equivalent to how much calories in a plate of rice or one burger???

So gals if you need to burn the calories do other activities ya.. like swimming,etc. check out this calory burn counter ... pretty interesting..

Source: Fitness Magazine.
picture from googled.

Thought: Hmmm it's been quite some time now.. wink' wink' let go shopping.. and burn the calories.

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