Monday, January 14, 2013

Endurance and Strength training

I love HIT total body workout with 10min strength training from my 1 hr in total training session.
Done this superset workout yesterday:
1A. Pull Up
1B. Push Up
Alternate total 10rep
2A. Squat Jump
2B. Vipr Row
Alternate total 10rep
3A. Jab Cross with weight machine - 10 rep
3B. Mountain climber - 50 sec
4A. Burpees
4B. Box Jump
30 sec
rest in between superset for 10sec
repeat 1-4 for 2 set
Superset Strength training (3 set)
Bench press - 15kg - 10 rep
Dumb bell (7.5kg) fly (bench) - 12 rep

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