Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Training - 7th Sept 2012

Started with 20 min cardio - fitness walking)

After 3 days of feeling the soreness from my Monday's leg training, I was hoping that there'll no more leg routine today... yes, my wish came true. And what i got today? Arm... yes arm training.. my main weakness .. i dont have strong forearm.. panic, still have to so it...

the routine:

1. barbell bench press 10x 2. Dumbbell chest Fly 10x

Repeat (1) and (2) in 3 sets

3. Incline weight lift - 10x 4. Incline dumbbell chest fly - 10x

Repeat (3) and (4) in 3 sets

5. chest press 10x - repeat 3 sets

6. tricep pull (cable) 10x - 3 sets

7. barbell bench press tricep - 10x - 3 sets

after all the set i can barely lift my arm... huhu

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