Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have to say goodbye to him (my 'Mr Potato')

Well actually i should not be shocked on this facts.. Heard it before but not in this utterly highlight on the Shape Magazine that I 'Like' in FB .... (tau.. tapi buat2 tak tau org Melayu kata).

You can read the facts of the study here (by Jennipher Walters).

So.. good bye MR Potato, Wise, Pringles, or whatever that has name 'Chips' in it... I love my tummy more than you...

Thought: hmmm sekali -sekala curi mkn yg budak2 (anak2) punyer boleh kot ekk? (ngelat)... my comfort snacks

another shocking finding today: I need 139 minutes of doing aerobic dance to burn chicken salad. (Pengsan..patutlah tak kurus2)

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